NeighborWoods Planting Parties

The NeighborWoods Planting Parties project will facilitate the planting of shrubs and daffodils in neighborhood parks with help from volunteer residents, students, etc.


The purpose of NeighborWoods Planting Parties is to encourage active participation in learning about planting shrubs and bulbs. Bringing together volunteers to replace shrubs lost to storm damage or disease, and adding more colorful shrubs and daffodils will enhance each neighborhood. Residents will volunteer to organize NeighborWoods Planting Parties to prepare the soil, plant and mulch the shrubs or daffodils, and agree to help water and maintain them in the future. Shrubs and daffodil bulbs for the NeighborWoods project are funded through grants and private donations.

How It Works

    1. Donate a gift shrub and/or bag of daffodils.
    2. The Community Foundation of Delta County will send you a receipt.
    3. We'll let you know when and where the NeighborWoods Planting Party will occur. The planting schedule will include Fall 2012 through Fall 2013.